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welcome to Gracious Education Centre

The Citadel of the intellectuals

E-Learning Platform

Gracious Education Centre has fully integrated her students/pupils to electronic learning platform during the COVID 19 period.

Students of Gracious Education Centre can now access their result online. Parents can check their ward result from any part of the country.

All new students/pupils are expected to register their detail information in the school portal in order to access school resources.

Integrated School Portal System

The school has been integrated into a portal system to enable students register their biodata and check result online.

Our Vision

Gracious Education seek to give all round education of the total child as it affects their physical, spiritual, mental, social and phychological well being. This is aimed at giving the child the best of education that will enable him/her compete with the outside world.

Our Mission

The mission of the school is to build an enlighten citizen with a formidable, dynamic and Christ-centered future leaders who exemplify sound moral values in a rapidly changing society.


The management of Gracious Education Centre has come up with a dynamic innovation that all our secondary school student can now access their result online within the comfort of our rooms. Our parents in abroad can now access the academic performance of their children seamlessly with the help of a scratch card.
The sample of the scratch card is displayed below:

Signed Management


  • Graduating Student Senior Secondary

    This is a school where the management made available all required materials necessary for learning for all students and enforce all kind of learning process.

  • Graduating Student Senior Secondary

    This great institution made me an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school and also exhibit a positive outlook and attitude in the school.

“Our passionate ambition as a school is to develop a total child spiritually, physically, mentally and socially and to inculcate a societal values that will bring about a definite tranformation of the child”